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Bee Network – The Best Play And Earn App For Android

Bee Network is a social app that connects you with others in your community. It creates a space for you to talk, share, and post without fear of judgment or bullying. You can use Bee Network to broadcast positivity by uplifting others, finding people who have similar interests, and building a network of friends nearby.

Bee Network is an app that can help manage your anxiety or depression by providing you with a safe space to vent your feelings without fear of being judged or ridiculed by others on the internet.

Bee Network app. In recent times, we’ve witnessed the growth of cryptocurrencies as a value-free of any regulations from the financial institution, regardless of how their worth has fluctuated in the past and how vulnerable they are to speculation. The most popular is Bitcoin; however, the list includes other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. We must include Bee, the cryptocurrency that isn’t yet able to be sold with an established price; however, various experts believe it has many potentials and can manage and mine using Bee Network.

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App name Bee Network
Last Updated One day ago
App version 1.2.2
Downloads 5,00,000+
Compatibility Varies with device
App Size 18MB
Main Task Educational
Developer Bee


Bee Network

Be a cryptocurrency tycoon through Bee Network.

It is a Bee cryptocurrency mining application built on Blockchain and in which users play the roles of prescriber, miner and verifier. To use it, you must be recommended by a user. Users can begin mining at a single click and control their daily earnings through an easy screen. In addition, they can join (or be a part of) an earning team if a member of an incoming user has accepted them has been taken into the system. It lets you assess the team’s balance and check out the global rankings of the top holders of coins and keep current with the latest information about the digital economy.

If you’re thinking of entering the world of cryptocurrency or the digital world, you’re just the right time to start through Bee Network.


Q1. Why is the application not starting on a reload screen?

You should press the “Try Again” button.

If the application still can’t proceed, we recommend you uninstall the application and delete the relevant data on your phone, and download the latest version on App Store or Google Play and launch again. This shall not affect your Bee balance given you have not signed out before a 24-hour session ends.

Q2. Do I need to verify all Facebook accounts, Apple ID and Phone numbers?

No, you are only required to verify one of your Facebook accounts, or phone number, or Apple ID at stage 1. Bee Network will require further verification from you when the project has entered the next phases.

Q3. Can I change my username?

No, the user name (i.e. referral code) cannot be changed as this is your unique ID registered with Bee Network.

Q4. Can I change my name?

Yes, we will very soon introduce the feature of letting users change their name in the app, please wait for our next app update. Secondly, we will do KYC in the next phases, so you still have time to change it later.

Q5. Can I change the referral code who invited me to join Bee Network?

No, It is unfortunate that we cannot change the one who invited you to the application because we will have to respect and honour our referral system.

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